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Our Trainers

  • Ally Dickson, Personal Training


    DTS Level 1

    DTS Full Body Transformation Specialist

    Ally is a certified personal trainer who is passionate about helping people fall in love with the process of fitness. Playing soccer from a young age, she gained a love for exercise and had the opportunity to compete in the NCAA while playing for SFU. Her personal experience as an athlete has been an asset in understanding what it takes to train and accomplish goals. Ally recognizes that every individual is different and that everyone has a personal relationship with exercise. Her goal is to have a positive impact in clients lives and use her knowledge to help clients create sustainable solutions for long lasting health, happiness and confidence.

  • Leap Bodies
    Leap Bodies


    Owners of Leapbodies Health and Fitness

    Lululemon Ambassador

    Coaches at Leapbodies

    With over a decade of experience and a commitment to empowering individuals, Chewy and Rowena continue to drive Leapbodies forward, leaving a lasting impact on the lives they touch. Join them on the path to wellness, where fitness is not just a routine but a lifelong journey of health and vitality

    Leap Bodies
    Leap Bodies
  • Qualifications/Certifications:

    ISSA specialist in strength and conditioning

    ISSA certified personal trainer

    ISSA sports nutrition specialist

    BCRPA certified fitness trainer

    HOCKEY CANADA lvl 1 hockey coach

    Competitive provincial level bodybuilder

    First aid/cpr

    Thomas is originally from Victoria and moved to Vancouver in 2011 to further pursue his career as a personal trainer. He is a red seal chef, certified in sports nutrition, specialist in strength and Conditioning and a personal trainer. Thomas competes as a provincial level bodybuilder and a sponsored athlete with prosupps. He specializes in transformations, weight loss/muscle building and is an expert in nutrition plans. With a decade of experience he will help you reach your goals!

  • Qualifications/Certifications:

    MKIN, BCAK Practicing Kinesiologist, ACSM
    Clinical Exercise Physiologist®, CSEP Clinical
    Exercise Physiologist™, CSEP High Performance
    Specialist™, NCCP Indoor Volleyball Development
    Coach - Trained

    Christina is a fitness professional with diverse skill sets that
    appeal to a range of clientele. She achieves results through the
    incorporation of movement analysis and postural assessments.
    She optimizes fitness programs by building a strong foundation within her clients, so they can
    achieve efficiency in movement without pain. Whether the goal is to wake up pain-free, run
    faster for the next marathon or hit harder in volleyball, her plan is to empower clients and have
    them live the life they want. With 20+ years of experience working with young and mature
    athletes, sedentary adults and clinical populations, she is eager to help you transform. Book
    your FREE consultation today.

    Performance Development | Strength Training for Beginners | Injury Prevention | Active
    Rehabilitation | Disease Prevention & Management | GroupTraining

  • Qualifications/Certifications:

    NASM Certified Personal Trainer, PPSC  (Painfree Performance Certification Specialist)

    TRX/Kettlebell/Bulgarian Bag, FEO Training Seniors/Older Adults Level 1 and 2, Bodybuilding and Metabolic Conditioning, 2024 Impact Magazine Canada's Top Trainer Nominee, WNBF(World Natural Bodybuilding Federation)  New You Transformation Winner 2023, WNBF  Bikini Grand Masters 4th place,

    Sherri is a compassionate personal trainer that has walked the talk. She transformed her own physique and health at age 54, losing 100 lbs. Her goal is to help everyone move better, feel better and feel more confident in their bodies. She works with a wide range of age groups, but wants everyone to know it is never too late to start! She also works with clients with a variety of injuries and chronic medical conditions so understands how to modify and adjust to fit any ability level. She can work with you to create long term lifestyle changes so that you can become the best version of yourself. Book your free consultation today!

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  • We charge you a flat rate on a per client basis so you can scale your client base!

  • Be your own boss and keep more of what you charge!

  • We charge you a flat rate on a per client basis so you can scale your client base!

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